Friday, 19 October 2012

First Post - 1978 Stern Stars

Ok so here we go!.  First post of many I am sure.

Lets have a look at this Stars machine from Stern Electronics.

This is actually my game which I have owned since the late 90's., and I really do rate it highly. I mean, it's just a generic space theme and the art is OK at best.  But man, what a great player it is!.  

Designed by the late Steve Kirk, who went on to design Meteor and Nine Ball for Stern, it's one of those machines where "one more game" is the order of the day, as most times it kicks your arse and you'd be lucky to score over 100k.

But once you get into a groove and start using that centre post between the flippers to your advantage, the tables will turn and you'll hopefully hear the deep 10k chime ringing out loud when you achieve Special from either the drop targets or roving special from the 5 coloured star stand up targets

Speaking of the chimes.  I really am a fan of the early solid state games with the chimes.  I guess at the time when they started changing over to electronic sounds it was a big deal. Kinda like going from electro mechanical score reels to digital displays.  But 30 years down the track those new fangled electronic sounds are pretty lame.  To be fair the Bally and Williams offerings at the time are tolerable, but I wish there was a way to convert the early Stern SB100 games to chimes, that would be sweet!

OK, so we will leave it at that.  Feel free to post your thoughts on the game, or pinball in general.  I will be back next week with another video :)


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