Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blue Chip, Williams 1976

Is Williams Blue Chip a solid investment?

Man, I would love a sample of the drugs they were consuming at Williams back in 1976.  You can just imagine the team meeting on the Monday morning.  "Listen guys, the word on the street is that the kids are screaming out for a stock market themed pinball machine.  We have the runs on the board, and there's no reason why this theme cant be a Capt Fantastic beater.  Who's with me?"

Ok, so the theme is corny, the art is forgettable at best.  So is there anything to like about it?.

Well actually it's not a bad game to play.  Most Williams games from this era didn't have drop targets, and they played super quick with their DC powered bumpers and open playfields.

The three stand up targets in the middle of the playfield are dangerous to go for from the flippers, as often the ball heads straight down the outlanes.  The best strategy would be to light the number 2 target which lights the left spinner for 1000's.  Keep nailing that left spinner and hope to light the 4, 5 and 6 from rebounds.  

Not a great game by any means.  But worth a game or 2 if you find one.